Our Story
Carolyn and Matthew were sweet little freshmen in Princeton, New Jersey when they first noticed each other -- she, for his incredibly thoughtful explanation of a computer science concept to her, and he, because she listened to it. That summer, Carolyn decided to go on an adventure (ahem, "internship") far, far away in beautiful India. For some unknown reason, upon learning about her summer plans, Matthew promptly applied for the same "internship." Surprise, surprise! He traveled across the world just to be with Carolyn. Their friendship soon blossomed into a love that would carry them through the countless late nights in lab, smelly solder fumes, poorly formatted Github commits, laggy FaceTime sessions, the full extended edition of Lord of the Rings, and the Star Wars Prequels. Now as PhD students in Berkeley, California, Matthew and Carolyn cannot wait to start their new lives hand in hand, together as husband and wife.
Venue Travel Lodging

Wedding Mass and Ceremony Our Wedding Mass will be celebrated at Infant Jesus Roman Catholic Church at two forty-five in the afternoon. Infant Jesus is located at 110 Myrtle Ave. in Port Jefferson, New York, and it's a cute brick-and-wood Church built in a very typical Long Island style. Our ceremony will be a traditional Catholic wedding Mass, and it should last about an hour. Formal wear is requested. Reception Our reception will be at the Old Field Club at six in the evening. The Old Field Club is located at 86 West Meadow Road in Setauket, New York, and it's a beautiful reception hall right on the Long Island Sound with a rustic vibe and delicious food. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served from six until seven, and then we'll dance, eat, and celebrate until eleven in the evening! Formal wear is requested.
Airports There are three airports on Long Island -- JFK, La Guardia, and Islip. All three have public transit access to Port Jefferson and Stony Brook via the LIRR, and all of them have car rental services that you can use. JFK and La Guardia are a one-hour drive from Port Jefferson, and Islip is a thirty-minute drive. Trains If you want to take public transit to get close to Port Jefferson, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is the easiest method. From either La Guardia or JFK, find your way to Jamaica station (JFK has an airtrain, and an Uber is your best bet from La Guardia). Then, board an eastbound LIRR train on the Port Jefferson Branch and stay on the train until Port Jefferson Station. From Islip, you can take the westbound Ronkonkoma Branch train to Hicksville and then transfer to the eastbound Port Jefferson train.
Danford's Hotel Danford's is a cute boutique hotel on the water in Port Jefferson. Contact Alexa Casamassino at (631) 928-5200 ext 150 or by email at jmollberg@danfords.com and ask to be added to the Matl/Chen party for a special rate. Holiday Inn Express This Holiday Inn is conveniently located right on the highway, with easy access to the rest of Long Island. Use group code LMC for a special discount. Hilton Garden Inn The Hilton is right on the campus of SUNY Stony Brook and very close to Carolyn's childhood home. The Three Village Inn The Three Village Inn is a cute hotel on the Long Island Sound. It's within walking distance of the lovely Avalon Park, where Carolyn loves to go to feed ducks and explore the labyrinth.
Things To Do
New York City East End of Long Island Stony Brook Port Jefferson
There's nothing quite like the glitz and glamour of New York City (we both think it's the best city in the US)! Of course, there are the amazing Broadway shows near Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, but Carolyn and Matthew prefer free activities like walking the High Line. There is an incredible number of fantastic museums (our favorite is the American Museum of Natural History), and if you enjoy classical music, make sure to visit the beautiful Lincoln Center for some ballet, opera, or orchestral performances. If you get hungry, stop by one of the few Wafels & Dinges trucks to satisfy your dessert cravings. mmm mmm mm!
If you would prefer to visit somewhere more peaceful and serene, then the East End of Long Island is the place for you! As you drive East, you will pass several beautiful farms where you can pick fresh fruit and beaches where you can swim, paddle board, or kayak. On the North Shore, you'll find one of our favorite vineyards, Paumanok. After a tasting, head over to Briermere Farms for a delicious homemade pie. If you can't finish eating it, we are happy to help (just kidding!). If you drive down to the South Shore through the Hamptons and to the easternmost point of Long Island, the Montauk Point Lighthouse has a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean and is a great place for photo opportunities.
There are plenty of cute places to visit for those who will be staying in Stony Brook, Carolyn's childhood neighborhood. A unique museum to visit is the Long Island Museum, which features an extensive collection of art and ... horse carriages! The Village Center was designed in the style of a New England village and houses several little boutique shops as well as a beautiful traditional post office. Within walking distance of the Village Center is a place very dear to Carolyn's heart -- the Avalon Park! There, you can feed bread to the ducks, walk along the twisting boardwalk and stone paths, and wander through the hidden labyrinth and trails inside the park! This is the perfect place to bring your small (or large!) children.
If you would like to grab lunch before our ceremony at Infant Jesus Church, Port Jefferson has several delicious food options. Some of our favorites include Salsa Salsa for some Mexican food, Pasta Pasta for (you got it!) pasta, Slurp Ramen for a comforting bowl of noodles, Toast Coffeehouse for some popular brunch items, and The Steam Room for classic seafood dishes like bread bowl clam chowder or lobster. After the ceremony, you will have about two hours to roam around the quaint downtown of Port Jefferson before the reception at Old Field Club. We recommend strolling along the boardwalks near the Port Jefferson ferry or checking out the numerous adorable boutique shops. Some of our favorites are Boardwalk Games Inc (we love boardgames!), The Amazing Olive (they have an incredible variety of herb-infused olive oil and provide bread for sampling), and Fetch Doggy Boutique & Bakery (for your furry friends). As it will be August and likely hot, stop by the Roger's Frigate ice cream store right next to the Steam Room (Carolyn's childhood favorite ice cream store... it smells heavenly!).
Christina Matl
Maid of Honor, Sis-to-be
I can always count on Christina to make my day. Her witty, mischievous, (sometimes shockingly dark), one-of-a-kind humor never fails to make me laugh!
James Matl
Best Man and Brother
James has always been my partner in crime, whether we’re harassing Anthony, schooling the younger sibs in video games, or trying to get Dad outside to work on the house.
What was your first date? It could be argued that our first date was in Hampi, India, where Matthew pretended that he knew how to ride a motorcycle so that Carolyn would tour the breathtaking remains of the last great Hindu kingdom of South India with him on his bike... or our first date might have been when we went to the Bangalore zoo together and a monkey stole our masala chips!
RSVP Information
We hope to celebrate with all of you very soon! Please RSVP online at mattolyn.anrsvp.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions at wedding@mattolyn.com.